2010-02-17 Michael ProkopUpdate for release 0.3.3-1. v0.3.3-1
2010-02-17 Michael ProkopUse manpage from doc/uanytun.8.
2010-02-17 Michael ProkopMerge branch 'upstream'
2010-02-17 Michael ProkopImported Upstream version 0.3.3
2010-02-17 Michael ProkopImported Upstream version 0.3.3 upstream/0.3.3
2009-12-23 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for release 0.3.2-2. v0.3.2-2
2009-12-23 Michael ProkopApply patch based on the one from Cyril Brulebois for...
2009-12-23 Michael ProkopDrop asciidoc and related packages from build-depends...
2009-12-14 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for initial upload. v0.3.2-1
2009-12-14 Michael ProkopAdd debian/prerm
2009-12-14 Michael ProkopFix broken upstream init script, drop chroot stuff...
2009-12-14 Michael ProkopAdjust path of example files in README file on the fly
2009-12-14 Michael ProkopFix permissions and path of example config
2009-12-14 Michael ProkopGet rid of src/
2009-12-14 Michael ProkopUse configure plus opts and make DESTDIR for configurat...
2009-12-14 Michael ProkopUpdate debian/rules; Add post{inst,rm}; Bump Standards...
2009-12-14 Michael ProkopMerge commit 'upstream/0.3.2'
2009-12-14 Michael ProkopImported Upstream version 0.3.2 upstream/0.3.2
2009-05-29 Michael ProkopAdd xsltproc to Build-Depends, use for...
2009-05-29 Michael ProkopInitial Debian packaging; add src/
2009-05-29 Michael ProkopImported Upstream version 0.3 origin/upstream v0.3